There are numerous statues in Helsinki that have received their theme and inspiration from Kalevala – perhaps more so than in any other city in Finland. So then, who could tell where to find the Kaleva Jubilee oak tree?

Helsinki, City of Kalevala

Kalevala is alive in the midst of ordinary lives of the Helsinki citizens. This is evident from vast number of street signs, for example: Sampo Street, Lemminkäinen’s Close, Tuoni Close. Various businesses remind us about the might of Kalevala: Sampo-Group, Pellervo Association, Lemminkäinen and the insurance companies Tapiola, Pohjola and Ilmarinen. Aino has even lent her name to a restaurant. The Kalevala Jewellery design has a factory in Pitäjänmäki and a jewellery shop on North-Esplanad. The town of Espoo has a district named after Kalevala’s Tapiola.