Emil Halonen:
Louhi, Mistress of the North, 1945
Kalevala Women’s Association, Kallio

Mistress of the North

The young hostess, Louhi of the North received restaurant guests in the lobby of famous manor. Women owned, Kalevala silver pine, log-restaurant is located on the Main Street. The mansion opened its doors in March 1946.

Emil Halonen’s bronze ”Louhi, hostess of the North” was finished in 1945. The Kalevala women’s president, writer Elsa Heporauta described ”Louhi” as a healthy self-conscious, but at the same time a hospitable character. She is Kalevala poetry’s powerful mistress, the North’s mighty ruler.

Halonen's sympathetic sculpture represents a surprisingly young mistress of Pohjola. Today the Statue of Liberty statue greets Kalevala Koru visitors and staff in Pitäjänmäki’s Kalevala Manor.