Yrjö Liipola:
Tellervo Tapio’s daughter, 1928
Triangle Park, Erottajankatu, Kaartinkaupunki

Tellervo Tapio’s daughter

The statue of Tellervo Tapio's daughter was erected in Kolmikulma (Triangle) park, the modern day Diana Park, in 1929. Yrjö Liipola’s female figure stands in contrast to Sibelius Park’s sensual Ilmatar: Diana-Tellervo with her trimmed body was a fitting archetype for the world of sport-crazy youth, devoted to bodily culture. The early decades of the 20th century, sought to diminish erotic sensuality as the main focus, thus proclaiming nakedness as a sort of "naturalness" in visual arts. A natural and straight figured tom-boy was the new urban symbol of the 1920s femininity across the European metropoles.

The Finnish forest maiden "Tellervo Ms. Tapio, the little one " has to be tamed with magic spells to become favourable to the huntsman. Tellervo is the northern home grown double to the ancient goddess Diana.